Your Home Should Tell Your Story


 When someone enters your home they should learn more about you.  It should reflect who you are, where you have been and what you love. 


  •  Many people are apprehensive about color because they worry they will make a mistake or tire of it.  Select colors for your home that make you happy and comfortable, perhaps the same colors that you wear.  If you never look twice at a blue dress, you probably will not like living in a blue room. 
  • Select wall décor for your home that mean something to you.  Purchase pencil sketches in your favor cities, or a painting or print that reminds you of your childhood home.  Too often something is hung over the mantel because it is the right size and color, regardless of the subject. 
  • The items you collect tell a lot about you so don’t hide them away in the attic.  Find a creative way to display these things so that you and your guests may enjoy them.  Display your grandmother’s cookie jars above your kitchen cabinets, fill book shelves with antique Coke memorabilia, or line your wall of your staircase with your favorite collection of oil paintings. 


Fill your home with the colors, images, items and memories that you love and you will never make a mistake or tire of them. 

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  1. Fantastic!!

    I cannot wait to hear all of your thoughts on interior design.

    I will spread the word on your new blog and that your home is featured in a tour come November.

    Happy Planting!

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