2011 is the year of the Master Suite. What is your favorite part of your bedroom?

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Dining Design Featured Online

Clerestory Design has had a room selected to be featured on the Interior Design Site Ava Living. This dining room reflects a traditional and inviting space for homeowners who love to entertain. A mix of family antiques and new heirloom pieces were used to create this sophisticated space. This home was part of the Greensboro Symphony Guild Tour of Homes in 2009.

Visit the site Ava Living during the week of August 30th to view room number 9 or view rooms by Kasey Stamey any time.

Feel free to rate a design, post a comment or become a fan.

(Thanks to Nixon Photography for the beautiful photos).

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Furniture Market Madness

It is a warm April day and all of High Point is a buzz with another Furniture Market. This is always an exciting time. I love seeing the new trends in home fashions. Surprisingly this year it still seems to be Blue. I have to admit I really thought it would be over by now, but it seems blue is here to stay. They are moving more towards greys. I am seeing a lot of slate, aegean, and wedgewood. I am even seeing some Navy. You can still find a lot of the spa blues and greens mixed. However, I am really drawn to the Aegean mixed with tones of Umber and I really like the look of the deep Slate Blue paired with White and Marigold. It is a great new twist on the classic blue and yellow.

For now it seems that you want ‘to be blue’.

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Don’t miss your last chance to visit http://www.avaliving.com to see one of my rooms featured as their rooms of the week.

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I have a design featured at http://www.avaliving.com. It is room number 4 in the loop. Click on the photo to give your rating and feedback.

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Unity in Design

This week I have been at the Unity in Design Event in High Point. There have been a number of great speakers and many showrooms were open. I hace been snapping some photos of things that I love. (No one said No Photography). I am going to try to make use of the camera and blog app on my iPhone and do a better job of blogging. Here goes.

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I love to use lamps in a space that seems unexpected. Tall buffet lamps don’t have to only stay in the dinning room. However these lamps at the W Hotel in Chicago take oversized lamps to a new level.

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Your Home Should Tell Your Story


 When someone enters your home they should learn more about you.  It should reflect who you are, where you have been and what you love. 


  •  Many people are apprehensive about color because they worry they will make a mistake or tire of it.  Select colors for your home that make you happy and comfortable, perhaps the same colors that you wear.  If you never look twice at a blue dress, you probably will not like living in a blue room. 
  • Select wall décor for your home that mean something to you.  Purchase pencil sketches in your favor cities, or a painting or print that reminds you of your childhood home.  Too often something is hung over the mantel because it is the right size and color, regardless of the subject. 
  • The items you collect tell a lot about you so don’t hide them away in the attic.  Find a creative way to display these things so that you and your guests may enjoy them.  Display your grandmother’s cookie jars above your kitchen cabinets, fill book shelves with antique Coke memorabilia, or line your wall of your staircase with your favorite collection of oil paintings. 


Fill your home with the colors, images, items and memories that you love and you will never make a mistake or tire of them. 

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Clerestory Design? What does it mean? How do you pronounce it?

No, Clerestory is not my last name. It is an architectural term. The Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture defines a clerestory as an upper zone of wall pierced with windows that admit light to the center of a lofty room. It is exactly what it says, a clear story. And that is exactly how you pronounce it. Clear Story. The thing to remember is the L is before the E- it is not Celestory.

So how did I end up owning a company called Clerestory Design? I wanted a creative name for my business that reflected my back ground in Architecture. I sat down with my old text books from Design School and made it to the letter C. Classical Order, Chancel Arch, Clerestory… I thought back to school and learning terms and definitions. Clerestory. I remembered studying photos and drawings of Cathedrals, Temples, Banks and Homes that made use of a clerestory. It is a design element that goes back as far as 1300BC and is still used today. Like the column or the arch, a clerestory is a classical design element that will never go out of style. It is rich in history yet perfectly relevant today. It is my goal that my Clerestory Designs will be as well.

Here are some photos of Clerestories that I took while traveling through Europe.

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